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Our free medical marijuana home delivery service now serves patients throughout New York City, Westchester, Rockland, Nassau and parts of Suffolk.

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Vireo Health is a physician-led company dedicated to providing patients with best-in-class cannabis-based products and high quality care. Vireo is the parent company of two vertically integrated, seed-to-sale, medical-cannabis subsidiaries — Vireo Health of New York and Minnesota Medical Solutions.

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We’re a physician-led company dedicated to providing patients with
best-in-class medical cannabis products and
compassionate care.

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How Do I Qualify for Medical Marijuana?

If you are a legal New York resident and have been diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions listed below you are
eligible to receive medical marijuana once you are certified by a registered practitioner.

Vireo Patient Stories

Helping my home community by Ingrid Correa

Some might wonder how it feels to be working at a dispensary and I can assure you that the Vireo Health team is like my second family.


My Daughter & Medical Marijuana by Melissa Hilt

Haley is now 9 ½ years old and since first beginning her cannabis-derived medication in January, my husband and I feel as though we have met the “real” Haley for...


Getting My Life Back by Ann Marie Owens

After only few months of treatment at Vireo Health, I am able to get out of the house, take a walk on my own and sleep through the night. It...


My New Beginning by Rose Fabia-Faga

Over the past few months, I have taken time to reflect on my life – or what I like to refer to as my past life and my new beginning....


News and Special Updates

What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Marijuana and hemp are varieties of cannabis that developed due to selective breeding – hemp for its fiber and marijuana for its medicinal components. While the two look and smell-alike,...

by Ari Hoffnung
Statements from Vireo Health on the Eve of New York State Reaching the 50,000 Medical Marijuana Patient Milestone

“Since serving our very first patient in New York  on January 7 of 2016, we have had the unprecedented opportunity to support thousands with serious conditions that include chronic pain,...

by Andrew Mangini
How Do I Choose the Medical Cannabis Product That’s Right for Me?

If you’re new to cannabis-based medicine, trying to figure out the best medical cannabis product to treat your condition can be downright confusing. In some states, product names range from...

by Jeremy Kossen
Vireo Raises Awareness of NY’s Medical Marijuana Program in El Diario and The Jewish Week

New York, N.Y. – Vireo Health of New York (“Vireo”), one of five medical marijuana companies currently operating in New York State, is proud to announce new print and digital advertisements...

by Andrew Mangini

New York Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Vireo Health: Patient-focused, physician-led.

At Vireo Health, we believe medical marijuana is a great resource for treating a variety of qualifying conditions safely. By speaking with our patients about their diagnoses and their medical care, we’ll work together with the patient and their physician to craft a treatment plan that keeps the patient front and center. When you visit our New York medical marijuana dispensary, you’ll find compassionate physicians and pharmacists who are up-to-date on cannabis-based remedies and who understand the differences between the various capsules, oral solutions, vaporization cartridges, and vaporization oils we prescribe. Together, you’ll be able to decide which product may be right for you as we work to manage your condition.

Our best-in-class cannabis-based products are truly made with our patients in mind. As an integrated medical marijuana dispensary, we handle everything from seed to sale. Our knowledgeable staff of horticulturalists and scientists nurture our plants and create our products, while our compassionate physicians and pharmacists assist patients in our dispensaries.

Currently, Vireo Health runs New York medical marijuana dispensaries located in Albany, Binghamton, Queens, and White Plains.

Home Delivery

Our home delivery service provides a safe, secure and convenient way to purchase medical marijuana products.
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In-Store Pickup

We value your time. Our in-store pickup service ensures that your products are waiting for you at the dispensary so you avoid waiting on line.
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Online Appointments

We’re here to help. You can schedule in-person appointments or virtual appointments with our Pharmacy team.
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Convenient Locations

Our dispensaries, staffed with pharmacists, are located in four convenient locations throughout New York.
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