How to Prepare for Your First Visit

Make an Appointment with Our Pharmacist

If you are new to Vireo Health or medical cannabis, you may want to consider a consultation with the pharmacist to discuss products, dosing and potential side effects, as well as other topics pertaining to your recommendation. The online consultation lasts approximately 30 minutes. Appointments can be made at

Make an Appointment


Find a Certifying Health Care Provider 

Talk to your health care provider about whether medical cannabis may help you. Your health care provider will give you a certification if medical cannabis is appropriate for your condition. Find a certifying healthcare provider at the official New York State Government Medical Marijuana Provider List.


Placing an Order

Once you have your certification from your doctor, you are ready to place an order. We do ask that the forms found at the link below are filled out prior to your first order. Once these forms are complete, you can now browse our menu and place your order.

You can visit to shop now and schedule a pick-up or delivery. Please remember that you will need your certification to enter the dispensary every time you visit. This must be valid and not have expired. We also recommend that you bring another form of identification.

Fill out Forms

Browse Menu & Place Order


Bring Payment

Currently, forms of payment that are accepted include payment via the CanPay app, cash or debit cards. Unfortunately, at this time health insurance doesn’t cover Medical Marijuana. Pricing varies depending on products and is available online.


Register Caregivers

A caregiver registered with the New York State Medical Cannabis program may receive medication on your behalf by visiting a Vireo location or via home delivery. A registered caregiver must bring their caregiver registry ID, their patients’ certification and a government issued photo ID to the dispensary. For more information on how to register a caregiver, visit

If a friend or family member who is not a registered caregiver would like to accompany you during your visit to a Vireo location, they must present a government issued picture ID.


Visit the office of cannabis Managment’s website:

Contact the medical marijuana program:
888-OCM-5151 (888-626-5151) or

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