Neuropathy is a nerve condition that affects almost 20 million Americans. It can be caused by a traumatic injury, an infection like HIV/AIDS, a disease such as diabetes, certain medications, and sometimes may have no known cause. Symptoms of neuropathy include pain, tingling or numbness in extremities like hands, feet or legs, muscle weakness, and organ dysfunction.

Medical cannabis is used to provide pain relief to those who suffer from neuropathy. It can help them sleep or help make daily tasks easier. In fact, the best clinical research to date for medical cannabis supports the treatment of neuropathic pain. Medical cannabis has been shown to help neuropathic pain even at low doses and to provide relief even in cases where opioids have failed.  Compared with accepted pharmaceutical therapies for this condition, medical cannabis is remarkably safe.  here has never been a reported death due to overdose and most adverse events occur early in therapy and go away on their own.

Our medical team at Vireo Health has extensive experience supporting thousands of patients utilizing medical cannabis as a treatment.  We utilize the latest scientific research, internal protocols, and our extensive experience to help you find your best medical cannabis treatment regimen. Learn more about the wide variety of best-in-class medical marijuana from Vireo, which can be used to treat qualifying patients with Neuropathy. We also conveniently offer delivery, online scheduling for patients as well as virtual consultations.

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