The most common use of medical cannabis is as a pain reliever and rightly so. Randomized, double-blind, controlled trials, systematic reviews, meta-analyses and even expert opinion, cell, animal and human trials, as well as patient reports, all confirm cannabis’ efficacy for chronic pain relief.

Chronic pain can be very different for each of us and may be caused by tissue damage, inflammation and/or neurological impairment. Chronic pain can make everyday tasks incredibly difficult, even near impossible and can also have a significant negative impact on a patient’s mental health. While the condition is not always curable, it may be treated with the different components found in medical marijuana, without the same degree of addictive properties found with opioid use.

At Vireo Health we believe that medical cannabis (as part of a comprehensive treatment plan) is one of the best options that currently exist for treating chronic pain. Our physician-led team has even developed a protocol called FREDOM (Flexible Reduction and Expedited Discontinuation of Opioid Medications) to offer a potential path for physicians to help patients struggling with chronic or intractable pain replace opioids with medical cannabis.

Compared with accepted pharmaceutical therapies for this condition, medical cannabis is remarkably safe. There has never been a reported death due to overdose and most adverse events occur early in therapy and go away on their own.

In New York, recruitment will begin shortly at Vireo Health for the NIH-funded first long-term study to investigate whether treatment with medical marijuana can lead to a reduction in opioid use in adults with chronic pain. Under the guidance of principal investigator, Dr. Chinazo Cunningham, this is sure to improve our understanding of medical marijuana safety and use in treating patients faced with debilitating pain and suffering.

Our medical team at Vireo Health has extensive experience supporting thousands of patients utilizing medical cannabis as a treatment. We utilize the latest scientific research, internal protocols, and our extensive experience to help you find your best medical cannabis treatment regimen. Click here to learn more about the wide variety of best-in-class medical marijuana from Vireo, which can be used to treat qualifying patients with chronic pain. We also conveniently offer delivery, online scheduling for patients as well as virtual consultations.

Vireo Health is proud to support patients like Ann Marie Owens in the treatment of her chronic pain. We are also a proud sponsor of the Invisible Project – the flagship program of the U.S. Pain Foundation, which offers resources, programs, campaigns, and events that support and highlights the real stories of people living with pain.

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