Inflammatory Bowel Disease, or IBD, is a term used to describe disorders of the digestive tract. Types of IBD include Crohn’s Disease (inflammation of digestive tract lining) and ulcerative colitis (inflammation and sores in the lining of the intestines or colon).

Medical cannabis can be used to treat symptoms of IBD such as chronic abdominal cramps and may also help reduce inflammation that someone with the condition may experience.

A placebo-controlled study of 21 patients showed how much medical marijuana can benefit an IBD sufferer. Of the patients diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease (a form of IBD) and treated with medical cannabis, 45 percent reported going into complete remission. Three patients in the cannabis group were weaned from steroid dependency. Subjects receiving cannabis reported improved appetite and sleep, with no significant side effects.

Our medical team at Vireo Health has extensive experience supporting thousands of patients utilizing medical cannabis as a treatment. We utilize the latest scientific research, internal protocols, and our extensive experience to help you find your best medical cannabis treatment regimen. Learn more about the wide variety of best-in-class medical marijuana from Vireo, which can be used to treat qualifying patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. We also conveniently offer delivery, online scheduling for patients as well as virtual consultations.

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