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We’re Thankful For Our Patients and Team Members!

As we near the end of the November and the end of 2021, we’re thankful for many things!

We’re thankful for our patients.

We want to thank all of our patients for another amazing year. We are proud to have served over 20,000 patients so far this year. Patients like Greg, a Project Manager and Senior Business Systems Analyst who found significant relief from pain caused by scoliosis with a combination of medical cannabis and pool therapy. Patients like Stephen, who experienced painful nerve damage after suffering a second-degree burn but now finds his symptoms significantly lessened and his sleep improved with the help of medical cannabis. Patients like Tony, a veteran who struggled with PTSD after two tours of duty in Iraq but who found help relaxing and sleeping, with fewer side effects, using cannabis.

We’re thankful for our team members.

We are proud to have more than 500 team members across the country, and to have team members of all different races, genders, religions and backgrounds. We’re stronger together, and we’re the company we are because all of you are on our team.

We’re lucky to have spotlighted many of our employees this year. Like Liana Aguirre, one of our budtenders in New Mexico, who holds a degree in Medical Anthropology and advocates for cannabis as an alternative to opioids or addiction-forming medications. Like Russell Murphy, Jr., a US Navy veteran who himself has found relief with cannabis, and who now works as our Maryland Transportation Supervisor. Like Sa Wicklund, Patient Care Coordinator at our Duluth/Hermantown, Minnesota, Green Goods, who came to the cannabis industry after working in mental health for more than a decade.

Like Alicia Hilliard, Director of Patient Services for Vireo Health of New York, a mother, grandmother and gardener who is one of our longest-tenured employees in New York. Like Chef Michelle Mango, a French-trained chef who now develops and produces cannabis edibles for Goodness Growth while working to bring cannabis to the mainstream.

We’re thankful for the progress that has been made in support of medical cannabis.

We’re thankful that acceptance and understanding of cannabis as medicine continues to grow.

We’re thankful that 36 states have passed legislation legalizing medical cannabis or further increasing patient access by legalizing adult use cannabis, in addition to four U.S. territories and the District of Columbia. Only 14 states have not legalized medical usage of cannabis. We’re thankful that nearly two-thirds of US adults support the national legalizations of marijuana.

We’re thankful that despite the barriers in place, scientific studies continue, advancing our knowledge about the effects of cannabis. A randomized, controlled trial conducted at the University of Kyoto suggests that CBD decreased social anxiety symptoms in teenagers aged 18 and 19, performing as well as the front-line antidepressant (Paroxetine, an SSRI). Another study on microdosing showed even small doses of THC helped patients combat pain, suggesting many patients may be able to find relief from pain without experiencing feelings of intoxication that can accompany higher doses of THC.

We’re thankful that efforts to expunge and/or vacate non-violent marijuana convictions also continue to expand. In recent months, officials in New York sealed almost 200,000 marijuana-related criminal convictions, and officials in Virginia sealed almost 400,000 marijuana-related criminal convictions, according to NORML.

To show how thankful we are, we’re running a variety of promos and specials in every state where we operate. Check out or for more information.

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