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At Goodness Growth Holdings, we are determined to find better answers for the patients we serve. We are driven to keep the “medical” in medical cannabis by participating in establishing and applying evidence-based practices. We strive to guide our consumers and medical patients with honest and accurate information regarding therapeutic cannabis use and product safety. High-quality research is key in reaching these goals.

Most US states have now legalized some form of cannabis use. As a physician-led and founded company, we seek and support the guidance of scientists and clinicians. Currently, the U.S. federal government lists cannabis as a Schedule I Controlled Substance, meaning the federal government classifies it as having no accepted medical use and is unsafe to use even under medical supervision. These policies can stop the ability of clinicians, researchers, and patients to access the reliable information they need to stay informed on the benefits of medical cannabis and cannabis research.

We at Goodness Growth Holdings thank you for your interest and investment in medical cannabis research!

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Current Research

Vireo Health is on the forefront of collaborative, high-fidelity research around scientifically accurate cannabis research.

In New York, Vireo Health has partnered with Dr. Julia Arnsten and her team of opioid research experts at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Health System, playing an active role in study development for a unique National… Read More >
The Releaf Study
This study is a randomized double-blind controlled trial of vouchers for discounted medical cannabis soft-gel capsules. Participants must suffer from chronic pain, be over 18 years old, and newly certified for medical cannabis within 90 days. The trial will last… Read More >
University of Minnesota
Vireo Health is working with Drs. Monica Luciana and Angela Birnbaum on a pre-post assessment of 90 adults, ages 35 to 55, who are prescribed medical cannabis to treat intractable pain. Outcome variables will include (a) neural structure measured using… Read More >


Vireo Health’s leading scientific minds have been published in esteemed white papers and journals across the medical zeitgeist. Our goal is to educate and inspire new alternative medicines through legitimate scientific processes.

NCIA White PAPER: Vireo’s own Paloma Lehfeldt, MD, Director of Medical Education, and Stephen Dahmer, MD, Chief Medical Officer, have published a white paper on the Medicine of Cannabis, along with four other doctors, providing information for policy makers and… Read More >
This accessible text provides trainee human service providers and those currently working in the field with a comprehensive, cutting-edge overview of topics related to the medical and therapeutic use of cannabis. Employing an interdisciplinary, biopsychosocial framework, the book explores the… Read More >
The prevalence of medical cannabis (MC) use in patients with cancer is growing, but questions about safety, efficacy, and dosing remain. Conducting randomized, controlled trials (RCTs) using state-sponsored MC programs is novel and could provide data needed to guide patients… Read More >
National Institute of Health
Simultaneous Quantification of 13 Cannabinoids and Metabolites in Human Plasma by Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry in Adult Epilepsy Patients – MinnMed Patients with Vireo Capsules Read More >
National Institute of Health
Food Effect on Pharmacokinetics of Cannabidiol Oral Capsules in Adult Patients with Refractory Epilepsy Read More >
National Institute of Health
Public acceptance of Cannabis sativa L. (cannabis) as a therapeutic option grows despite lags in both research and clinician familiarity. Cannabis-whether as a medical, recreational, or illicit substance-is and has been commonly used by patients. With ongoing decriminalization efforts, decreased… Read More >
A questionnaire of older men and women suffering from chronic pain who were given medical marijuana found that the drug significantly reduced pain and their need for opioid painkillers. The results of the study, “Older Adults’ Use of Medical Marijuana… Read More >
Medical marijuana can significantly reduce pain levels in older adults and reduce their need for opioid pain medication, according to a small study of cannabis users. The findings add to growing — and sometimes conflicting evidence — that medical marijuana… Read More >
Medical marijuana reduces pain in older patients and helps reduce opioid dependence, according to a new report. Researchers at Northwell Health conducted a questionnaire of older men and women to assess the efficacy of cannabis for pain management. The most… Read More >
When Used Correctly, Medical Cannabis Is Compassionate, Not a Conundrum Read More >
Editorial on medical benefits of Cannabis – Vireo Health Chief Medical Officer – Stephen Dahmer, MD – titled, “Transitions”. Read More >
Regulatory barriers limit clinical trials of medical cannabis in the United States. Longitudinal cohort studies may be one feasible alternative that could yield clinically relevant information. Willingness to participate in such studies is not known. Read More >
In July 2014, New York State became the 23rd state to legalize marijuana (“cannabis”) for medical consumption under the New York State Medical Marijuana Program(“Program”). Three years later, during his Executive budget address, the NYS Governor, Honorable Cuomo, directed the… Read More >

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