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Say Hello to Jillian Eckman, Vireo’s Regional Director of Product Quality by Chalaire M.

I ended up at Vireo because I wanted to be an integral part of this medical transformation taking over the world for the betterment of our society

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Helping Vets Battle Pain without Opioids by Amy W.

Roughly one in 10 veterans in the United States live with severe, chronic pain and I happen to be one of them. In the 14 years that I’ve lived with this issue, I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying different treatments. Medical cannabis is one of the most effective treatments I found for veterans suffering with chronic pain or other conditions PTSD.

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Helping Children with Tourette’s and Autism by Pia & Jman

He still has Autism and Tourette’s Syndrome, but with medical cannabis and people around him who love and care for him, he is developing into a wonderful young man who is learning to navigate the world and become the best version on himself.

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Helping Win the Battle on the Homefront with Cannabis by Tony L.

When I returned home, I was diagnosed with PTSD. At the time, there was a major stigma against PTSD, both inside the Armed Forces and in the general public. I couldn’t tell anyone and I didn’t want anyone to know. When you’re apart of such an elite group of fighters that take so much pride in what they do and how professional they act the last thing you’re allowed to do is be weak.

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Helping my home community by Ingrid Correa

Some might wonder how it feels to be working at a dispensary and I can assure you that the Vireo Health team is like my second family.

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My Daughter & Medical Marijuana by Melissa Hilt

Haley is now 9 ½ years old and since first beginning her cannabis-derived medication in January, my husband and I feel as though we have met the “real” Haley for the first time.

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Getting My Life Back by Ann Marie Owens

After only few months of treatment at Vireo Health, I am able to get out of the house, take a walk on my own and sleep through the night. It may not seem like all that much to most people, but to me, these simple things… mean the world. After being diagnosed… with Transverse Myelitis four years ago, I was convinced that my daily routine would never be “normal” again.

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My New Beginning by Rose Fabia-Faga

Over the past few months, I have taken time to reflect on my life – or what I like to refer to as my past life and my new beginning. In between the many precious moments and cherished memories, I often find myself wondering… where would I be without my medical marijuana?

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Getting Involved in a Good Cause and Finding a New Career by Marie London

After expressing that I was no longer happy at my corporate office job, a friend of mine who suffers from Fibromyalgia had been researching medical cannabis and found a dispensary in Connecticut that was…

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Pushing My Boundaries by Andrew Greenspan

Over the past few years I have suffered from severe pain as a result of two back fractures that developed from contact sports and skateboarding. I’ve traveled to countless medical professionals, and undergone a… dangerous spinal surgery, that

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An Industry to Believe In by David Hess, Co-Founder and President of Tress Capital

In the early 2000’s I married my high school sweetheart. We were both young, each about 21 years old, Los Angeles natives recently transplanted to New York just starting our lives. A little over a year after…

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