Stephen W – Beating Nerve Damage with Cannabis!
by Vireo Health

As a physician-founded, patient-focused company, Vireo remains dedicated to ensuring that all our patients get the highest quality products and services. Above all else, we want to make sure that our patients get the best treatment and the most relief possible.

Feedback from patients is incredibly important to us, and it guides us as we look to change or improve how we can best support our patients. We always love to hear stories from patients about how medical cannabis helped them. We also hope these success stories will inspire others who are considering becoming – or already are – medical cannabis patients.

We recently caught up with one of our patients, Stephen W. who told us about his experience with medical cannabis and how Vireo’s products have helped him.

Stephen suffered a bad second-degree burn and was dealing with painful nerve damage as a result. He tried a variety of more traditional pharmaceutical options before turning to medical cannabis.

Stephen became a Vireo patient after learning more about our company and how it had been founded by physicians and remained science- and patient-focused to this day. “What’s great about the medical marijuana program is that you’ve got actual scientists and pharmacists in charge of the products and therefore you know that you’re getting the real thing,” he said.

When asked about why he wanted to try medical cannabis, Stephen said that “the main attraction of medical marijuana that stood out to me is its effectiveness without having to worry about the side effects and drawbacks of man-made pills – you know, the ones where when you watch the 60 second commercials and 45 seconds are used to tell us the side effects alone. I have found that my symptoms have lessened severely, and I sleep better at night too.”

Medical cannabis can help patients with a variety of medical conditions and helps to alleviate myriad symptoms. To help treat different symptoms and conditions, Vireo’s team of physicians, pharmacists and scientists focuses on innovation and developing different formulations and application methods. One such innovation is our line of topical THC and CBD balms, which Stephen had recently tried.

“I have been using a CBD salve on my burn scar and the daily nerve damage has disappeared, plus the scarring is dramatically decreasing compared to using general moisturizers,” added Stephen.

For those interested in trying medical cannabis as treatment but not sure where to start, Stephen had a great answer: “What’s even better is that they have the knowledge of creating a wide spectrum of available marijuana and CBD products – ranging from no psychoactive effects to heavy on the psychoactive nature of the cannabis plant, which can significantly increase your sleep quality and even creative output! Avoid the pills and narcotics; say yes to the all-natural plant.”

If you are interested in trying medical cannabis, contact a Vireo pharmacist to learn more.

Thanks again to Stephen W. for talking with us and sharing your story!

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