Say Hello to Jillian Eckman, Vireo’s Regional Director of Product Quality by Vireo Health

I ended up at Vireo because I wanted to be an integral part of this medical transformation taking over the world for the betterment of our society.

The cannabis industry grows and seems to change almost every day. The political climate in which the industry exists is also quickly evolving and new regulations and requirements for quality and compliance are created or changed constantly.  That’s where Jillian Eckman’s importance to Vireo begins. Jillian is the Regional Director of Product Quality for Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Minnesota.  Jillian started her career with Vireo Health in January 2019 as the onsite Quality Manger at Vireo Health of Maryland’s cultivation and processing facility and has quickly flourished, just like the products she helps to create.

Before Vireo Health, Jillian was an integral part of the management the Quality and Continuous Improvement teams at Protenergy Foods.  Jillian was a State/Federal Health Inspector for 7 years prior to working at Protenergy Foods.  Her duties included working for the State of Maryland and the United States Department of Agriculture inspecting and licensing food facilities and manufacturing plants.

Jillian has her Master of Public Health (MPH) from the University of Massachusetts and her Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland, and she’s currently working on her Master of Business Administration (MBA) for the University of Maryland to gain more expertise and knowledge in business management, analysis and strategy.  Outside of work and studies, she enjoys watching TV dramas like Game of Thrones and Big Little Liars and listening to live music – especially at venues overlooking the water. Check out the video below to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at Vireo’s quality control!

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