Helping Children with Tourette’s and Autism
by Pia & Jman


Jman is a bright, happy 11-year-old who also happens to have Autism and Tourette’s Syndrome.  He was non-verbal until age 4, and struggled with anxiety, communication concerns, irritability, rigidity, and vocal and facial tics – all common symptoms of Autism and Tourette’s.  He often struggled at home and in the classroom with being overwhelmed.  His vocal and facial tics made it difficult for him to engage with others children and teachers or pay attention in class.  Sometimes, it seemed, it was like his body and sensory system were fighting against him, to just exist in the world!

When medical cannabis became available in Minnesota (and approved for Tourette’s patients), Jman’s parents looked into it as an option.  After seeing a documentary on the effectiveness of medical cannabis on seizures (and understanding the neurological similarities between tics, seizures, and Autism), his parents were game to try a high CBD blend on their 8-year-old son.  The positive effects were seen within the first two weeks, within two months all Jman’s tics had gone away, his anxiety decreased, and his flexibility increased.

Three years later and Jman’s tics have completely disappeared. His progress is a result of his hard work and determination, but his use of medical cannabis is also to thank! His anxiety has gone down, and his ability to cope in the classroom has gotten enormously better.  He is in a general educational setting and his reading and math scores have gone from several grade levels below his grade to being at or near his grade level.

Most importantly, he is happy!  He is more joyful than ever before and loves life.  He still has Autism and Tourette’s Syndrome, but with medical cannabis and people around him who love and care for him, he is developing into a wonderful young man who is learning to navigate the world and become the best version on himself.


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