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Vireo’s Science Team Publishes Peer-Reviewed Article in the Journal of Cannabis Research

Vireo is proud to announce that for the first time in our company’s history, we have published a peer-reviewed research paper in a scientific journal, the Journal of Cannabis Research. The research was focused on the science of Vireo’s TerpSafe packaging, and it details the proof of concept and validation of our proprietary TerpSafe packaging system. The research concluded that the TerpSafe packaging, invented by our Chief Scientific Officer, Eric Greenbaum, is in fact very effective towards preserving and augmenting terpenes within cannabis flower. Additionally, this research will form the foundation of Vireo’s new brand, Amplifi Brand with TerpSafe technology, set to be formally announced in the coming months.

You can read research paper linked here at the Journal of Cannabis Research website.

The research confirmed TerpSafe technology as a novel approach towards preserving terpenes in cannabis flower. As a result, cannabis flower stored using the TerpSafe technology will stay fresher for longer. The technology itself is robust and has been shown to work effectively towards terpene preservation for a variety of different cannabis flowers, grown and stored under various conditions.

Getting more into the details, TerpSafe technology was shown to augment the terpene content of cannabis flower, including older flower, relatively depleted flower of terpene content. The technology represents a novel approach to replenish the terpene content of both fresh and older cannabis flower!

The TerpSafe technology was also observed to be capable of even adjusting the aroma and/or flavor profile of cannabis flower. In this study, cannabis with the aroma of lavender was obtained. However, other aromas, such as cannabis that smells like pumpkin spice (hello Fall!), could also be obtainable when using the TerpSafe technology. This will be incorporated into future products under the Amplifi Brand.

Researchers were able to successfully adjust the terpene profile of cannabis stored using the TerpSafe technology as well. This will provide patients and manufacturers the ability to customize the terpene profile of their cannabis as a result. Want a β-myrcene dominant blend? Great! Want to do a custom blend of 8 terpenes? You can do that too! This also represents a novel approach for obtaining cannabis flower of a consistent and reliable terpene profile.

Finally, TerpSafe technology was shown to successfully preserve phytochemicals that are partially responsible for the entourage effect. If you are wondering what the entourage effect is, it is the concept that whole plant products offer improved efficacy as compared to the isolated phytochemical components. Read our article about the Entourage Effect here for more information. Terpenes are a main phytochemical component of the entourage effect. Having the ability to preserve these phytochemicals which are partially responsible for the entourage effect can also help improve the overall effectiveness of the cannabis flowers properties.

The TerpSafe technology is designed to preserve and augment the terpene content of not only cannabis flower, but a variety of other cannabis products as well. Other applications of the TerpSafe technology include but are not limited to pre-rolls and concentrates such as rosin and hash. This technology will be forming the basis of our new brand at Vireo, Amplifi. The focus of Amplifi will be towards preserving the native terpene content of cannabis flower. This will help the cannabis stay fresher for longer. We expect to launch Amplifi in Maryland and Arizona later this year, so keep your eyes open for an official launch!

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