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Vireo Health a New Member of Recently Launched United States Cannabis Council

We are excited to announce that Vireo will be a sponsoring member of the recently launched United State Cannabis Council (USCC), a unified collection of organizations, businesses, and individuals whose mission is to build the future of legal and equitable access to cannabis. Vireo looks forward to joining other members of the cannabis industry to support these efforts and will be working closely with the USCC to advance cannabis legalization at the federal and state levels while promoting restorative justice for communities harmed by the prohibition of cannabis.

The United States Cannabis Council is a first-of-its-kind strategic alliance of businesses, association and advocacy organizations working together to advance cannabis legalization. The USCC includes a wide range of members, including cannabis businesses like Vireo, policy experts, advocates and thought leaders.

The USCC envisions a future where access to cannabis is legal and just, supported by a diverse, prosperous, and values-driven cannabis industry striving for social, financial, and environmental benefits shared by all. Like Vireo, the USCC values social equity for communities that have been negatively impacted by the prohibition of cannabis, as well as expungement of criminal records and the de-incarceration for past cannabis offenses. The USCC also values and strives for high ethical standards and measures of accountability within the growing cannabis industry and promotes both a safe and responsible cannabis industry and consumption culture among consumers.

While Vireo has been vocal in the past regarding many of these issues, aligning with other members of the cannabis industry to form the USCC will create a unified voice advocating for the descheduling and legalization of cannabis. By working together, Vireo and other USCC members will focus on securing federal reforms that advance social equity and promote fare, safe and well-regulated markets nationwide as states continue to legalize cannabis at a rapid rate.

This is an exciting and important time for the U.S. cannabis industry. Vireo is proud to be a part of these critical advocacy efforts to support legalization and promote restorative justice. The formation of the United State Cannabis Council is a key step forward for the industry and will ensure that messaging is unified and heard at the federal and state levels throughout the country. We have a great opportunity to make a lasting impact and the time to act is now. Vireo looks forward to working with the USCC and its members and continuing to fight for legalization and social justice.

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