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Sativas and Hybrids: Four New, Uplifting Strains

Research continues to suggest that medical cannabis could have a wide array of potential benefits. But did you know that specific strains of cannabis may be more or less efficient at tackling certain problems?

For example, a survey of cannabis users found that they preferred using indica strains for relaxation and sleep. Anecdotally, sativa strains tend to provide more invigorating sensations. Meanwhile, hybrids blend the two. Below, we’ll look at some top-tier hybrid and sativa strains for medical patients.

Ultimate Purple Strain Info

Those seeking info on Ultimate Purple probably won’t be surprised that it’s descended from one of the most illustrious kush strains with purple: the Purple Kush strain. Purple Kush, along with The Purps, Granddaddy Purple, Grape Ape, and Purple Urkel all contributed to this plant’s pedigree. With genetics like that, it sure earns the “ultimate” moniker.

Ultimate Purple’s scent is a blend of earthy, berry, and sweet flavors. Surprisingly though, even though earthy tones are usually indicative of OG genetics, there’s no trace of Purple OG in this strain.

Ultimate Purple’s effects differ a bit from what you’d expect out of a Purple Kush, Purple OG, or Purple Berry weed plant, too. While those genetics are all indica-based, Ultimate Purple is more of a blended hybrid. You can often find Purple Kush and Purple OG for sale around the same price as Ultimate Purple.

Sativas and Hybrids

Bigfoot Glue Strain Info

Bigfoot Glue, which often goes by the moniker “BFG,” is a premium strain with hard-hitting lineage. If you’re wondering whether Bigfoot Glue is an indica or a sativa, here’s your answer. As a cross between Humboldt Headband and Gorilla Glue, it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid. What’s more, Bigfoot Glue features no Kush strain genetics.

However, you may catch a whiff of slightly spicy, herbal tones that you’d expect from a Kush strain. It also boasts some fruity, piney, and woody aromas. These coalesce into a supremely sweet and fruity taste, which rolls delightfully across the tongue on the exhale.

With a THC concentration that can often reach 20 percent or more, there’s no room to question Bigfoot Glue’s potency. Research suggests that THC may be able to help patients suffering from a variety of problems, including wasting syndromes associated with HIV, cancer, and the side effects of chemotherapy.

Sativas and Hybrids

Princess Haze

Here’s a fairly rare strain with a sativa-dominant profile. Every “Haze” strain comes from Original or OG Haze, and Princess Haze is no exception. Specifically, this strain is the result of a Princess and Super Silver Haze cross. 

It can be a little bit difficult to find info on the Princess Haze strain. That’s in part because it’s so rare. But growers are beginning to recognize this strain’s quality and, as a result, it’s begun gracing the shelves of more dispensaries.

What specifically makes Princess Haze so great? Its THC content is respectable, usually ranging from the high teens into the low twenties. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it’s also an uplifting and invigorating strain, given its sativa lineage. Finally, Princess Haze’s sweet, fruity, and tropical taste is one that sets it apart from the more spicy, herbal strains on this list.

Sativas and Hybrids

Golden Panama

Not to be confused with the classic Panama Gold, the high-THC Golden Panama doesn’t possess much indica or Kush genetics, since it’s sativa-dominant like nearly every other strain on this list. 

Instead, this Golden Tiger x Panama cross is just as bombastic as the Van Halen song of the same name. Its flavor mixes heady traces of lemon and incense, and its reputation for long-lasting effects definitely make it a great choice for medical patients. You also probably won’t be able to find this strain very often on most dispensary shelves, since it’s extremely rare.

Our team has prioritized these strains in our grows, so even though they are rare, medical patients in New York can likely find these and a plethora of other premium strains in our online store.

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