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The 2020 Vireo Health Gift Guide: Give the Healing Gift of Cannabis

As we prepare to pull the curtain on 2020, the surging popularity of cannabis just keeps rolling. With the holiday gift-giving season on us—and an overwhelming majority of Americans coming out in support of medical cannabis—dispensary (and bookstore) shelves are full to bursting with great cannabis gifts of every description.

But therein lies the problem: With all that selection, where do you begin? That’s why we’re continuing what’s become a yearly tradition: The Vireo Health Gift Guide! We scoured the world of cannabis to find the must-try products, books and accessories. This season, give someone you love the gift of cannabis. And yes: Giving yourself a little something is every bit as good!

The Vireo Health Gift Guide: Holiday Cannabis Products for 2020

The world of vapes keeps expanding, and no surprise: Delivering a cooling, fast-acting cannabis-infused mist, these portable devices are among the most exciting cannabis products of the last decade. 

RUBI by KandyPens

Cannabis Oil Vape Pen

Image source: KandyPens

Winner of the coveted “Best Oil Vape of 2020” award from The Vape Guide, the RUBI is a sleek, portable and intuitive cannabis delivery device that’s storming the market. Designed to be used with bulk syringes of cannabis distillates, the innovative design makes it among the simplest refillable vaporizers we’ve ever encountered. Highly recommended!

RX Oil Vape Pen by Bug

Bug RX Oil Vape Pen

Image Source: Bug RX

Another winning vape design, the RX is a go-to for users with dexterity issues. Easy to use and refill, powerful and discreet, it hovers at the very top of the refillable pen category. It’s designed to be used with distillate syringes and bulk oil vials, and its unique top-loading format makes for easy and trouble-free refilling. 

The Vireo Health Gift Guide: Holiday Cannabis Books for 2020

As cannabis moves ever more mainstream, publishers are taking note. 2020 saw a bumper crop of cannabis books hit the shelves; here are a few of our favorites!

Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed [A Cookbook], by Editors of MUNCHIES

Cannabis Bong

Image Source: Alibris

Based on the Viceland / MUNCHIES television series, this cookbook bills itself as the “Joy of Cooking” for a new generation. Whether a book with “bong” in the title can ever replace Julia Child is up for debate, but it’s a fascinating read and chock-full of delicious recipes. You’ll learn about the science of infused oils and milks and much, much more. Available from Barnes & Noble and other booksellers.

Grass Roots, by Emily Dufton


Image Source: Emily Dufton

This fascinating look into the rise, fall, and rise of cannabis is an engaging and highly readable tale on its own. But the book’s real power may lie in Dufton’s ability to draw parallels with the marijuana decriminalization movement of the 1970s when it seemed cannabis was ready to break through to the mainstream only to wither in a conservative backlash. Are we headed for the same fate today? Available from Amazon and other booksellers.

The Vireo Health Gift Guide: Holiday Cannabis Edibles for 2020

Edibles were one of the biggest trends of 2017, but if the demand for delicious cannabis-infused foods has cooled a notch since then, that’s not to say they’re going out of style anytime soon. With ingenious manufacturers conjuring up ever more enticing flavors and formulations, it’s safe to predict that this holiday season, many of us will find our stockings stuffed with one or more of these tasty treats. Note: Some products may not be available in all markets.

Honey Sticks by Vital Heights

Cannabis Honey Sticks

Image Source: Vital Heights

Potent, portable (and let’s not forget delicious!), these little honey straws deliver a carefully formulated dose of cannabinoids including THC and CBD. Available in several different formulations, flavors, and cannabinoid ratios, they’re wonderful on their own, stirred into tea or another beverage, or used in your favorite recipe to put a whole new spin on home baking.

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