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Statements from Vireo Health on the Eve of New York State Reaching the 50,000 Medical Marijuana Patient Milestone

“Since serving our very first patient in New York  on January 7 of 2016, we have had the unprecedented opportunity to support thousands with serious conditions that include chronic pain, cancer, ALS and epilepsy. Of the 50,000 patients registered with the state, it is remarkable that, despite close monitoring, we have not had a single reported death of a patient due to their medical marijuana treatment – a stark contrast to other medications, especially opioids. We will continue to work diligently, collaborating with the medical community and our regulators, in hopes that this safe and effective option can help even more patients,” said Vireo Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Stephen Dahmer.

“While certain challenges remain, the 50,000-certified patient milestone is indicative of the fact that New York’s program is heading in the right direction by making a real difference to patients struggling with life-threatening and debilitating diseases. In addition, the program is contributing to economic development efforts throughout the state, by creating good-paying jobs and a new tax revenue stream for the state and county governments. We look forward to continue working with the Department of Health, elected officials and other stakeholders to build upon the program’s initial success so that it can benefit even more New Yorkers,” said Vireo Health of New York CEO Ari Hoffnung.


About Vireo Health
Vireo Health is a physician-led company dedicated to providing patients with best-in-class cannabis-based products and high-quality care. Vireo is the parent company of two vertically integrated, seed-to-sale, medical-cannabis subsidiaries — Vireo Health of New York and Minnesota Medical Solutions. Vireo also runs Pennsylvania Medical Solutions, a cultivation, manufacturing and wholesale medical cannabis distribution company that has just begun operations in the Keystone State.

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