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Statement from Vireo Health on Cuomo’s State of the State Address and Legalization of Adult-use Marijuana

The following statement regarding Gov. Cuomo’s plan for legalization of adult-use marijuana can be attributed to Ari Hoffnung, CEO of Vireo Health of New York, one of only 10 organizations licensed in the state to grow, cultivate, manufacture and sell medical cannabis: 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal represents an historic step toward ending the decades-long war on drugs that has unjustly targeted communities of color, bringing substantial tax revenue to the state, and creating an environment in which New Yorkers have safe and legal access to marijuana. 

“We look forward to working with the governor and lawmakers on the public health and economic development elements of adult-use legislation. From a public health perspective, we need to safeguard the interests of patients who rely on the medical marijuana program and struggle with life-threatening and debilitating diseases like Cancer, Parkinson’s, and ALS.

“Economically, we need to encourage cannabis businesses to embrace unionization efforts so that the thousands of new cannabis jobs being created offer fair wages and strong benefits. New Yorkers don’t need more low-paying, dead-end jobs – we need more union jobs. We also need to ensure that the legislation includes a robust social justice agenda geared toward expunging criminal records and creating an inclusive and diverse industry in terms of ownership and employment.”



About Vireo Health of New York 

VireoHealth of New York is a physician-led company dedicated to providing best-in-class cannabis-based medications and compassionate care.The Company is a proven leader in the field of medical marijuana. In December 2015, Vireo’s products became the first to be certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union. In addition to brick-and-mortar dispensary locations, Vireo launched the first medical marijuana home delivery service in the New York City area, now available throughout New York City, Westchester, Rockland, Nassau and parts of Suffolk and Putnam Counties.For more information, visit

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