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2019 Cannabis Gift Guide: Treat Yourself (and Those You Love)

When we look back on 2019, we see that this was the year cannabis entered the self-care realm in a big way. With so many exciting products hitting the dispensary shelves every week, choosing can be difficult. 

That’s why we’ve put together a Cannabis Gift Guide. From soothing infused creams and rubs to a cannabis candle to tinctures for your beloved furry friends and a high-tech rechargeable vape pen, you’re sure to find something here for someone you love…or yourself!

Cannabis Gift Guide: Self-Care Products

Mary’s Nutritionals: Transdermal Relief Cream

Cannabis Transdermal Relief Cream

Developed in collaboration with a rheumatologist, this revolutionary cream delivers the pain-relieving powers of hemp and lidocaine in a uniquely effective, non-psychoactive, and fast-acting body rub. Use it for those sore and achy spots in need of healing.

Lazarus Naturals: Full Spectrum CBD Balms

These delightful CBD-infused salves are made with ingredients like organic mango butter and beeswax and scented with ingredients like Valencia orange oil, lavender, and basil. They’re available in three formulations, each designed to deliver the all-natural healing power of CBD and terpenes. 

RE Botanicals: Hemp Relief Body Oil

Cannabis Hemp Relief Body Oil
Source: RE Botanicals

Powered by hemp-derived CBD, these handy oils deliver the cannabinoid’s pain-relieving properties directly to sore and achy spots. Available in organic lavender, ginger and lime, peppermint, or mandarin and turmeric formulations, their delicious aromas give these tiny roll-ons a pleasing and powerful pain-fighting punch.

Kaleidoscope Capsules

Each of these tiny CBD capsules is designed to address specific bodily tasks. The “Wake” formulation employs ginseng and ginkgo biloba to fight morning grogginess; the “Sleep” version uses valerian root and melatonin to promote relaxation and a good night’s rest. They’re also available in “Glow,” “Soothe,” and “Boost” versions.  

Cannabis Gift Guide: Pet Products

Colorado Hemp Honey: Crazy Bee Gone

Cannabis Tincture for Pet
Source: Colorado Hemp Honey

Our pets need healing just like we do, and this specially designed tincture delivers the power of hemp-derived CBD plus propolis, an antimicrobial resin produced by bees from the buds of poplar and conifer trees. With an irresistible vegetarian bacon flavor, this tincture will help calm your furry companion when anxiety and stress threaten.

Colorado Hemp Honey: Hip ’N’ Joint

Another custom pet product, this tincture is designed to ease the joint inflammation associated with aging. Bee-produced propolis sweetens the deal by providing gentle antimicrobial and allergy-relieving properties, while the salmon flavor helps the medicine go down easy.

Cannabis Gift Guide: Accessories

Homesick Four Twenty Candle

Cannabis Wax Candles
Source: Papersource

These artisanal, hand-poured soy wax candles subtly disperse the soothing fragrance of cannabis, making for a delightfully evocative (but non-psychoactive) experience. With notes of bergamot, musk, cedarwood, and patchouli and a burn time of 60 – 80 hours, they’ll provide night after night of soft light and sweet memories.

MIGI Pro: 510 Battery Vape Pen 

One of the fullest-featured yet most intuitive rechargeable vape pens we’ve found, the MIGI features three heat settings, battery and puff count meters, and a magnetic power connector. In a world populated by disposable plastic tools, this is one handy and reusable device you’ll want to hang on to. Note: Oil cartridges are sold separately. 

GOLDLEAF: Cannabis Journal

Cannabis Journal
Source: Amazon

As we’ve written before, one of the simplest yet most productive things you can do to optimize your medical cannabis experience is to keep a cannabis journal. By charting your dosage, frequency, strain, and other information, you can greatly simplify the work of assessing your results and deciding on an optimum regimen. These specially designed journals were developed with medical professionals to give medical cannabis patients all the tools they need to better understand their bodies and their treatments.

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