HiCOLOR’s delicious, high-quality gummies & chocolates infused with lab-tested THC!

HiCOLOR adds that flavor – sweet and delicious – just what the doctor ordered! Let’s laugh, cry, let loose and enjoy the sweet, colorful fun! Add a splash of color to your day! What’s your flavor?


Why just grab any strawberry flavor when you can enjoy HiCOLOR Oxnard-flavored Strawberry? Oxnard hugs the California coast – the right combination of sunlight, rich soil, and warm breeze – creating the sweetest most delicious strawberries in the world. HiCOLOR brings the Oxnard flavor to you with California love!


Alfonso Mango

All the way from India, Alfonso Mangos are considered the best in the world – so much so that they are a national obsession in India, considered a must thing to eat in life. Well, no need to wait, we bring the flavor of Alfonso Mangos to you in Chef Mangos signature delight – enjoy what some say is a perfect mix between melon, apricot, nectarine and peach with a hint of citrus and honey.


Hawaiian Pineapple

In Hawaiian, a pineapple is called “hala kahiki” because it directly resembles the “Hala” fruit, originally from Southeast Asia. There’s nothing sweeter than the fruit of an Hawaiian pineapple, with the perfect sugar-acid balance grown at elevations ~300 meters. And there’s nothing more transformative than enjoying a HiCOLOR Hawaiian Pineapple, imagining yourself in the idyllic setting of pineapple fields, breezy palm trees, and soaking in the sun.


Key Lime

Is there anything more delightful than enjoying the sights and sounds of the Florida keys? HiCOLOR Key Lime celebrates the magic of the Florida Keys and the quintessential Key Lime that stems from the region. Key Lime is not your typical lime, not even close! It’s much smaller but carries more flavor – in fact, it’s the zesty wonder of Key Lime that makes it the favorite lime of desserts like the pie that takes its name. And it’s the zesty wonder that made it our choice for HiCOLOR Key Lime!


Concord Grape

Straight from the Finger Lakes, Concord Grapes are known for their highly aromatic qualities with a sweet and tangy taste profile. One of the oldest domestically cultivated grapes, Concord is likely the grape variety in your jelly, jam, and juice. Our very own Chef Mango sourced the best Concord flavor to give you a flavor burst of that uniquely musky aromatic experience.


Blackberry Dream

Dream on and dream long with HiCOLOR’s “Dream” line, featuring a 1:1 THC to CBN formula. Our Blackberry Dream is a little sweet and a little tart, formulated by Chef Mango to provide a low-key, yet pleasurable taste just before bedtime.


Wild Black Cherry MAX

HiCOLOR’s MAX line delivers a higher dose of THC than our traditional line of gummies and pastilles, but with the same, great taste! Chef Mango created a Black Cherry flavor that’s sweet, deep, satisfying, and made only with natural flavors.


Bear Lake Raspberry MAX

Bear Lake Valley, UT is not only known for the Caribbean blue waters of Bear Lake, but also for its bountiful and completely delicious raspberry harvest. HiCOLOR’s MAX line delivers a higher dose of THC than our traditional line of gummies and pastilles, but with the same, great taste!


Sour Blueberry Nano

HiCOLOR’s Nano line was engineered using nanomolecular technology infusing each delightful morsel with water-soluble cannabinoids – meaning a faster absorption and peak time than traditional cannabis gummies. However, flavor is not sacrificed for speed. Sour Blueberry Nano is one of our most popular flavors – a slightly sour and pleasantly sweet blueberry experience.


HiCOLOR THC-infused chocolates are unforgettably delicious.

HiCOLOR is your one stop shop for cannabis-infused chocolates: handmade, chef-inspired recipes providing the highest quality chocolate edibles that are precision-dosed, non-GMO, and made with natural flavors. Available in Milk Chocolate, Blonde Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.

Milk Chocolate

HiCOLOR’s Milk Chocolates are simply the best-tasting chocolate edibles on the market. These bites are carefully crafted with a single-origin, milk couverture chocolate from Madagascar. Infused with extra cocoa butter, our HiCOLOR chocolates are tempered to perfection – providing a luxurious, glossy finish that provides a feast for your eyes and mouth! Also available in MAX HiPotency!

Blonde Chocolate

HiCOLOR’s Blonde Chocolate offer a luxurious and unique experience our fans have come to rely upon, concocted by methodically “toasting” a high-quality milk chocolate with a buttery caramel twist. Toasting this milk chocolate not only creates an unbelievably delicious caramel-like flavor, but also forms a hypnotizing swirl that your eyes will enjoy almost as much as your taste buds! Also available in MAX HiPotency!

Dark Chocolate

HiCOLOR’s Dark Chocolates are indulgent and rich – carefully crafted with a single-origin, dark couverture chocolate from Madagascar. Carefully and slowly tempered to perfection, HiCOLOR’s Dark Chocolates will brighten your spirits with its luxurious, glossy finish and exquisite flavor. Also available in MAX HiPotency!


HiCOLOR Edibles are dreamed up by our award-winning cannabis edibles team, who artfully craft these sophisticated flavors while also ensuring the quality and potency of the edibles remain consistent and effective.

Each ingredient was meticulously researched and sourced to provide both an unforgettably delicious cannabis edible and to keep prices affordable for our customers.

Anyone can make edibles, but it takes a dedicated, talented team to create great edibles like HiCOLOR!