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Finger-Licking Good: Our Favorite Sweet-Flavored Strains

We all have a little sweet tooth sometimes. While many cannabis strains may have a reputation as being “stinky” or “pungent,” that’s not always the case. In fact, many types of cannabis genetics have a much sweeter aroma and flavor.

Don’t get us wrong—medical cannabis isn’t just something that you should be using to experience the flavor of it. Instead, patients should be utilizing this plant for the array of possible health benefits of cannabinoids and other aspects of the plant’s medicinal properties. But as the old saying goes, “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” And those are exactly the kinds of strains we’re going to cover in this post.

Blueberry Marijuana Strain Info

Blueberry is a living legend. Notorious cannabis breeder DJ Short created this strain in the 1970s. In Blueberry, Short was trying to create a strain that had the same growing patterns and flowering time as an indica or Kush, but that also felt more like a sativa, which he enjoyed. The end result, Blueberry, did just that—melding a Kush’s flower time with an energizing and cerebral sativa.

Generally, Blueberry’s THC concentration hovers around 20 percent. That might not be as high as some more modern strains, which can reach 30 percent or more, according to some sources. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially for patients who don’t need crazy-high THC concentrations to alleviate their symptoms. 

Blueberry serves as a genetic basis for countless other strains you can find in dispensaries today. Blueberry Kush, Blueberry OG, Blueberry Gum, Blueberry Cream, Blueberry Crush, Blueberry Cereal, and Blueberry Pie all trace their genetic lines back to the original Blueberry weed strain, and you can find them for sale at varying prices.

Finally, we get down to the main event: Blueberry’s flavor and fragrance. Blueberry smells exactly like you’d expect it to, with juicy and sweet aromas complimenting a distinctly berry tone. That aroma coalesces into an incredible flavor once you spark it up, concentrating those fragrances into a supremely sweet taste.

Gorilla Candy Marijuana Strain Info

The words “Gorilla Candy” may not invoke the most appetizing images to mind. But like many other strains of cannabis, you can’t just judge this strain by its name. Instead, you have to try it for yourself to experience its flavor.

And what a flavor it is. This Gorilla Glue and Papa’s Candy cross has an intensely sweet aroma that you’ll notice as soon as you open a container. And that sweetness continues even after you ignite this strain.

Gorilla Candy genetics include Gorilla OG, Gorilla Kush, Gorilla Pure Kush, and the super-high THC strain Gorilla Glue.

Mango Sherbert Strain Info

Unlike Gorilla Candy, Mango Sherbert actually has a name that sounds delicious. And delicious it is, with sweet, tropical, and citrus flavors up the wazoo. A three-way cross between Mango Trees, Mango Kush, and Sherbert, this balanced hybrid will quickly become one of your new favorite strains of medical cannabis.

Mango Sherbert’s intensely sweet flavor has made it incredibly popular among breeders. You can find many cannabis strains, Strawberry Sherbert, Mango Kush, and Orange Mango and countless seeds that share some genetics with the Mango Sherbert strain. All these strains develop light green buds with orange hairs.

Vanilla Frosting Strain Info

The last entry in our review of sweet genetics is this strain: Vanilla Frosting. Don’t confuse this strain with Vanilla Frost, with which Vanilla Frosting shares a single parent. Vanilla Frosting is a great strain to grow, since it often has a prolific yield.

That’s not to mention its killer taste. This strain, surprisingly, does encapsulate hints of vanilla and finger-licking frosting. That, combined with its balanced hybrid profile, make it one of the most popular new strains of the last few years.

If any of these strains look tasty to you, you can find them in our online store along with a plethora of other genetics.

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