Healing in the palm of your hand.

A healing brand of medical cannabis topicals inspired by Dr. Westwater himself, made by Minnesotans for Minnesotans.


Plant Based Topicals

Dr. Jay Westwater served as CEO of Minnesota Medical Solutions, the first medical cannabis company in Minnesota. Dr. Westwater had a lengthy career as an emergency physician – he changed the world for the better through his effective, gentle, and kind approach. He personified humility and dignity, aligned to our patient-first mentality.

While the world lost Dr. Westwater in 2021, his spirit of healing is embodied in every product we deliver that carries his namesake.

Our Products

Westwater Red Balm

Our flagship product and the first developed for this line, the Red Balm is predominantly THC, with 100% pure cannabis oil, grapeseed oil, and other all-natural ingredients.*

*Available in extra-strength.

Westwater Green Balm

This THC/CBD balm contains a balanced THC:CBD ratio of 1:1, providing an optimal effect wherever it’s applied. Green Balm is also formulated with the same natural ingredients as Westwater’s other balm lines.*

*Available in extra-strength.

Westwater Indigo Balm

Carefully prepared with a predominant CBD:THC cannabinoid ratio, Indigo Balm provides comfort for patients who prefer the effects of CBD. Formulated into our our reliable, high-quality, all-natural balm blend.

Westwater Violet Balms

Breathe in the healing aroma of the Violet Balm – infused with a terpene formulation that improves skin penetration and provides a delighting fragrance. The active ingredient in Violet Balm is almost entirely CBD, with only trace amounts of THC.


Healing Lives On