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Whole Flower pre-rolls. Made by Minnesotans for Minnesotans up here in Otsego.


Pre-Rolls from Whole Flower

Boundary Waters pre-rolls are comprised of whole flower – not the industrial trimmings, like other pre-roll brands. So our Minnesotan medical cannabis patients are getting the best part of the flower in every, single pre-roll.

Boundary Waters takes its namesake from the surrounding lakes of Northern Minnesota. The healthy feelings of serenity and peace that come from visiting those waters guide our brand, encouraging quality, care, and responsibility.


We take care of our environment decoration

• 57% Plant Based Packaging
• Recyclable & Reusable
• Accelerated degradation in landfills
• Biodegradable Paper Insert



Boundary Waters’ full-flower, sativa pre-rolls are commonly used for daytime, with popular strains including Chem Fruit Funk and San Fernando Lemon Kush. Available in 5 or 10 pack.


Boundary Waters’ full-flower, hybrid pre-rolls are commonly used either for day or nighttime, with popular strains including White Wedding, OG Kush, and Candy Glue. Available in 5 or 10 pack.



Boundary Waters’ full-flower, indica pre-rolls are commonly used during nighttime, with popular strains including Royal Cookies. Available in 5 or 10 pack.