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Best Indica-Dominant Strains: Do Si Dos, Glookies, and Remo Chemo

It’s easy to see why everyone loves indicas. At least one poll suggests that many medical marijuana patients prefer indica strains because of their perceived links to pain management, relaxation, and sleep. These possible properties have made indica-dominant strains wildly popular across the US. In this post, we’re going to look at three of the most popular types of indica-dominant strains available: Do Si Dos, Glookies, and Remo Chemo.

Do Si Dos Cannabis Strain

A 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid, Do Si Dos (often spelled as “Dos Si Do” or “Do Si Do”) is descended from the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain. Specifically, Do Si Dos is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. Both of these strains are indica-dominant titans in their own right, giving Do Si Dos quite the pedigree.

According to online cannabis strain database Allbud, Do Si Dos features a THC concentration ranging from 28-30 percent. That firmly puts it in the “high-potency” category, according to some experts. As a result, Do Si Dos will typically have more powerful psychoactive effects than strains with less THC. That potency, along with its sweet, piney, and citrusy taste, all contribute to making this strain a popular choice for medical patients.

Do Si Dos isn’t the only member of its genetic line that patients can find on dispensary shelves these days. For example, Do Si Dos Punch and Dosi Kush, both descended from this strain, if they keep their eyes peeled. Since it’s a premium strain, the price of Do Si Dos can sometimes be steep.

Glookies Cannabis Strain

Do Si Dos isn’t the only indica strain that’s descended from Girl Scout Cookies. And Glookies (sometimes “Glookies Kush,” “Glookies OG,” or simply “Glookie”) is one of the best examples of another such marijuana strain. Breeders crossed Girl Scout Cookies with Gorilla Glue #4 to create this benevolent monster, and we’re glad they did.

According to Allbud, Glookies’ THC content is a little bit lower than the high-octane Do Si Dos. Specifically, it clocks in between 15 and 19 percent. That’s still an extremely respectable concentration, though. In fact, newer patients who aren’t regular medical cannabis users may actually prefer these lower numbers.

THC content isn’t everything, either. Flavor and aroma are another two more important aspects of any medical cannabis strain. And in those departments, Glookies delivers. Glookies flower boasts an exotic mix of spicy, sweet, and herbal aromas, with a heavy dose of diesel fuel. Its flavor is nothing to scoff at either, and introduces a smooth, chocolatey taste.

Remo Chemo Weed Strain

The last entry on our trifecta of awesome indicas is Remo Chemo. There’s not a lot of info out there on this strain, since Remo Chemo is a bit rare. Sometimes known as “Remo Chemo Kush,” seeds from this plant are extremely precious. As a result, any patient who can get their hands on a sample of this strain can consider themselves lucky.

Remo Chemo is the result of a UBC Chemo and OG Kush Cross. Originally developed in Canada, featuring a respectable 25 percent THC concentration on average. As a result, it’s a bit of a middle-ground strain between the heavy-hitting Do Si Dos and the more casual Glookies. 

Its aroma profile is more similar to Glookies than Do Si Dos, though. In fact, Remo Chemo possesses the same diesel-fuel forward scent that Glookies has, albeit with slightly less sweet overtones. It’s a bit more spicy too, with some additional herbal notes.

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