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There are several approved ways that you can use medical cannabis in New York

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Vaporizers gently heat the oils in the cannabis-derived medicine until they evaporate and can be inhaled. It is important with your first use that you take a very short “puff” from the vaporizer. You should then wait at least 10 minutes to feel the effects. At that point you can again take another slightly longer “puff”. Remember to wait a sufficient time after each inhalation to be certain you do not take too much.

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Solutions, Tinctures

Solutions and tinctures are liquids made of cannabis-derived medicine that can be placed in the mouth and either swallowed or absorbed to some degree in the mouth itself. It can take up to 2-3 hours for these medicines to take full effect, so you should wait three hours before taking another dose. Too often, patients do not believe the first dose is working due to the delay in effect. Be aware that these doses add up over time so please wait the recommended amount so as not to over-dose.

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Pills, Tablets & Capsules

These types of medicine, like the liquids, take a long time to enter your system and take effect. They also last for a long time. As a general rule, patients should wait at least 3 hours before taking another dose.


When using any sort of medicine that could have effects on your mental clarity, it is best to take great caution before driving or performing other complex tasks that could be dangerous.

“Start Low. Go Slow.” when it comes to how much medicine you take to evaluate how the medicine affects you. Especially at first, dose your medications in a safe place with responsible adults present. Talk to your doctor and your patient center pharmacist about questions.

When in doubt – ASK

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