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The New York State Medical Marijuana program administers the state’s medical cannabis program, but it doesn’t set prices. The price of your marijuana-based medication will vary patient to patient. There are many variables that determine the price, including the formulation, dosage form, and the dose of medication, as well as the duration of therapy. Our pharmacist will work closely with you to determine which products best meet your needs.

To get an idea of what products in the Vireo Spectrum cost, browse our listing of cannabis medicine currently available in New York. Please note that first-time patients must schedule an in-person or virtual appointment before submitting online orders for in-store pickup or home delivery.

Currently, we are only able to accept cash payments. We generally suggest that our new patients bring anywhere between $100-$350 in cash for their first appointment. The majority of our patients leave the dispensary on their first visit spending approximately $80-$100, although some individual products may range up to $350. Discounts are available for those with financial hardship.

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