How do I register with the program as a caregiver?

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There are three steps to becoming a registered caregiver for a medical cannabis patient.

  1. Get designated.  A certified patient or other appropriate person (for patients who are minors or incapable of consent) must designate you as a caregiver on the patient registration. The patient registration must be approved.
  2. Register online. To register, please use the detailed instructions found here. A registry ID card will be mailed to you after your application is approved. A temporary registry ID card can be printed and used immediately in conjunction with a government-issued photo ID.
  3. Purchase medical cannabis.  Visit a registered organization’s medical cannabis dispensing facility to purchase product for your patient. Bring your registry ID card (or temporary registry ID card), your patient’s certification, and your government-issued ID with you.

An individual may act as a designated caregiver for up to four patients.

Source: Office of Cannabis Management website.

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