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Brooklyn, New York, Medical Marijuana
Delivery Service

Can’t make it to a dispensary? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Brooklyn residents can now enjoy safe and convenient cannabis delivery in New York’s most populous borough thanks to Vireo Health’s New York medical marijuana delivery service.

Whether you live in Red Hook, Williamsburg, Coney Island or anywhere in between, our helpful service is available to you. We understand it’s not always easy for New Yorkers to make it to a dispensary. With Vireo Health’s New York delivery service, having your order filled in the land of the Brooklyn Nets is as easy as getting a delicious slice of pizza delivered to your home.

Vireo Health’s wide variety of products, which include cannabis-based capsules, oral solutions, vaporization cartridges, and vaporizations oils, are used to treat cancers, AIDs, epilepsy, and other serious conditions. That is why we strive to make these vital medications easily accessible to all Brooklynites, including Kings County residents in Park Slope, Flatbush, Sheepshead Bay, and more.

Beyond the Brooklyn Bridge, Vireo Health’s New York medical marijuana delivery service is available throughout New York City and in Westchester, Rockland, Nassau, and parts of Suffolk County. Participants will receive the same best-in-class, cannabis-based medicines found in our New York dispensaries, right at home. With services like this one, Vireo Health aims to make the Brooklyn medical marijuana system better every day, and we pass those benefits on to you!

Check here to see if you fall within our delivery area.

Our Brooklyn medical marijuana delivery service was designed by a team of security experts, pharmacists, and physicians to provide patients with a safe, secure, and convenient way to purchase medical marijuana products and have them delivered directly to their doorstep, no matter if they live in Crown Heights, Bushwick or any other area of the borough.

Our experts take numerous security measures to ensure the safety of patients and delivery staff. All Brooklyn deliveries are handled exclusively by Vireo employees using company-owned delivery vehicles outfitted with cutting-edge safety features and GPS tracking devices.

Delivering Medical Marijuana Throughout Brooklyn, NY

  • Bath Beach
  • Bay Ridge
  • Bedford
  • Bensonhurst
  • Brighton Beach
  • Bergen Beach
  • Boerum Hill
  • Borough Park
  • Brighton Beach
  • Brooklyn
  • Brooklyn Heights
  • Brownsville
  • Bushwick
  • Canarsie
  • Carroll Gardens
  • City Line
  • Clinton Hill
  • Cobble Hill
  • Columbia Street
  • Coney Island
  • Crown Heights
  • Cypress Hills
  • Downtown Brooklyn
  • Dyker Heights
  • East Flatbush
  • East New York
  • East Williamsburg
  • Erasmus
  • Farragut
  • Flatbush
  • Flatlands
  • Fort Greene
  • Georgetown
  • Gerritsen Beach
  • Gowanus
  • Gravesend
  • Greenpoint
  • Homecrest
  • Kensington
  • Madison
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Marine Park
  • Midwood
  • Mill Basin
  • North Side
  • Ocean Hill
  • Ocean Parkway
  • Park Slope
  • Prospect Heights
  • Prospect Lefferts Gardens
  • Red Hook
  • Remsen Village
  • Rugby
  • Seagate
  • Sheepshead Bay
  • South Side
  • Starrett City
  • Stuyvesant Heights
  • Sunset Park
  • Vinegar Hill
  • Williamsburg
  • Windsor Terrace
  • Wingate

Brooklyn Zip Codes

  • 11212
  • 11213
  • 11216
  • 11233
  • 11238
  • 11209
  • 11214
  • 11228
  • 11204
  • 11218
  • 11219
  • 11230
  • 11234
  • 11236
  • 11239
  • 11223
  • 11211
  • 11222
  • 11220
  • 11232
  • 11206
  • 11221
  • 11237
  • 11249
  • 11224
  • 11229
  • 11235
  • 11201
  • 11205
  • 11215
  • 11217
  • 11231
  • 11203
  • 11210
  • 11225
  • 11226
  • 11207
  • 11208

Sorry, we don’t deliver in your area yet. Qualifying New Yorkers can register for an online account and submit orders for in-store pickups at our dispensaries.


Great news, we deliver to your area! Qualifying New Yorkers can register for an online account and submit online orders for home delivery or in-store pickup.

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