Getting Involved in a Good Cause and Finding a New Career
by Marie London

After expressing that I was no longer happy at my corporate office job, a friend of mine who suffers from Fibromyalgia had been researching medical cannabis and found a dispensary in Connecticut that was hiring and suggested I look into the opportunity.

I have always loved helping people and have primarily worked in sales and services positions, so I was excited at the prospect of working with people in need. I realized that the dispensary in Connecticut was too far of a commute from where I lived, but after a little research into medical cannabis dispensaries in New York I came across Vireo Health’s facility in White Plains. After reading the website I was both surprised and impressed, mostly because I had no idea medical cannabis was already available in New York!

This was around the time the company’s protocol aiming to reduce prescription opioid with medical products was released. After I read that article on their site, I was so inspired that I immediately applied. Many of my loved ones have struggled with drug addictions, due to being prescribed opioids early and often. I have seen firsthand how prescription painkillers can transform responsible people into unrecognizable drug abusers and strangers – even those who you have known your entire life.

I strongly agree with our ideals as a company, and feel truly privileged to meet and serve such inspirational patients each and every day. I love talking to our patients, hearing their success stories and watching them gain their quality of life back. It is a feeling unlike any other I have experienced, and I am proud to be a member of the Vireo team.

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