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Vireo Distillate Vaporizer Starter Pack


Contains No Additives. Terpenes are Re-introduced.

The vaporizer starter pack contains vaporizer cartridges from 3 different formulations, Green, Yellow and Red. Each formulation may have a different effect on your condition. The starter pack is designed to allow a patient to try multiple formulations and hone in on what formulation will work best. There is a limit of 1 starter pack per person.

The primary active ingredients in this medication are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). With all Vireo products, a baseline level of CBD is present, since some studies suggest that CBD can reduce unpleasant side effects of THC.

Vireo Green products are balanced, with equal amounts of THC and CBD.

THC: 80 mg/cartridge
CBD: 80 mg/cartridge

Vireo Yellow products are predominantly THC, with a small component of CBD.

THC: 137.1 mg/cartridge
CBD: 22.9 mg/cartridge

Vireo Red products are predominantly THC, with a small component of CBD.

THC: 152 mg/cartridge
CBD: 8 mg/cartridge

*Battery Not Included

Special discounts are offered to patients that require financial assistance. Listed prices are prior to any discount and subject to change.