Kyle Kingsley, M.D. /

Dr. Kingsley is a board-certified emergency medicine physician and CEO of Vireo Health. Dr. Kingsley oversaw the implementation of the Vireo Health System in Minnesota with the construction of a state-of-the-art greenhouse facility, four dispensaries, and the pharmaceutical and patient care center models. Through Vireo Health of New York and other national startup companies, Dr. Kingsley has developed the leadership and healthcare management skills needed for a large-scale endeavors across disparate processes.
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Dr. Kingsley is co-author of the book Medical Cannabis Primer for Healthcare Providers, written to elucidate objective medical cannabis knowledge in the medical community. Using a comprehensive, state-wide program that integrates healthcare providers, communities and patient organizations, Dr. Kingsley has optimized and accelerated the Vireo Health of New York access plan which will ensure patient access by January of 2016. Dr. Kingsley’s solitary goal is to make Vireo Health of New York the safest, most reliable and compassionate choice for the patients of New York.

Ari Hoffnung /

Mr. Hoffnung serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Vireo Health of New York. Mr. Hoffnung was previously the founder and CEO of Fiorello Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a medical cannabis company. Prior to that, Mr. Hoffnung served as New York City’s Deputy Comptroller for Budget & Public Affairs, where he oversaw the City’s $70 billion budget, managed a 100+ employee staff, and served as the chief liaison to all levels of governments and to various labor unions.
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Prior to serving in New York City government, Mr. Hoffnung was a Managing Director at Bear Stearns, where he worked for more than a decade. Mr. Hoffnung also led a research team composed of economists and policy experts that published two-dozen white papers, including two ground-breaking and widely-cited reports on the public-health and economic impacts of reforming cannabis policies: 100,000 Reasons: Medical Marijuana In The Big Apple and Regulating and Taxing Marijuana: The Fiscal Impact on NYC. He holds an Masters of Business Administration in Finance degree from New York University’s Stern School of Business and a Bachelor’s degree from Queens College.

Stephen Dahmer, M.D. /

Dr. Stephen M. Dahmer is a board-certified family doctor whose passion for health and healing has taken him around the globe. A fellow of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, for over a decade he has studied the relationships between plants and people, working closely with diverse cultures and documenting their uses of plants.
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Aspiring to understand ethnomedical systems as well as the plants and traditional beliefs that support them, he has worked in divergent settings including Umbanda terreiros in the heart of Brazil’s second largest slum, Maori clinics in New Zealand, native healers on the Palauan Islands, and as a hospitalist to the Navajo (Dine) Tribe in Chinle, Arizona. Prior to starting full time work for Vireo Health of New York, Dr. Dahmer was most recently Assistant Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai where he passionately provided innovative primary care for over seven years in New York City where he lives and resides with his family.
Dr. Satija has over 12 years of experience in retail pharmacy. She received a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. Dr. Satija began her career in San Francisco, California where she worked as a pharmacy manager as well as a travel health pharmacist. In San Francisco, she devoted a lot of her time helping HIV patients manage their medications as well as any side effects they experienced. Dr. Satija was also an associate professor at the University of California San Francisco.
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In the previous 5 years, Dr. Satija has been a pharmacy manager for a large retail chain in New York City where she devoted much of her time to developing trusting patient relationships. During her time in New York, she has become an American Pharmacist Association Certified Immunization Trainer as well as a Certified Geriatric Pharmacist.

Amber Shimpa /

Amber Shimpa is responsible for all aspects of the company’s finance, accounting, treasury, investor relations and administrative functions. She has 14 years of experience as a financial services professional with various commercial and investment banking organizations. At Vireo Health (and Minnesota Medical Solutions), Ms. Shimpa drives the company’s planning initiative of which the foundation is to provide the safest, most reliable medical cannabis to patients at a price that is supportable given the higher cost of quality, optimal manufacturing practices that Vireo Health bears, along with the continued review of financial planning as it relates to Internal Revenue Code §280E.
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Prior to joining Vireo Health, Ms. Shimpa spent the last nine years as Vice President of a $1.6 billion bank focused on commercial, nationwide lending. Her experience in the highly-regulated banking environment has engrained quality and control in her leadership and financial management approach. Banking is often seen as a challenge for operators within the cannabis industry. Ms. Shimpa’s understanding of the strict compliance requirements in the banking industry, coupled with Vireo Health’s scientific and safe medical model, have led to welcoming discussions with banks, and ultimately the first known open banking relationship with a cannabis-related company in the country.

Josh O’Neill /

Mr. O’Neill is the CBDO at Vireo Health and brings extensive experience in business development, corporate strategy, finance, real estate, project management, marketing and customer service having held senior leadership positions at several multi-national companies. His business acumen and focus on patient access optimization help to create the organization’s strategy for patient care locations and manufacturing facilities.
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Mr. O’Neill is committed to a patient experience that brings consistent and exceptional service in secure, modern and environmentally friendly locations that are accessible and positioned to serve a diverse patient population. He is a leader in the development and growth of the Vireo Health brand and national presence. Mr. O’Neill is also a licensed real estate broker in the State of Minnesota and received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration-Marketing Management from the University of St. Thomas and an M.B.A. from the University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management.

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