Margaux Weinstein
/ Vice President of Compliance

Margaux Weinstein, J.D. is the Vice President of Compliance and joined Vireo Health in February 2019. Margaux brings to the table over 20 years of combined experience in legal services, healthcare, and dispute resolution. Margaux has experience working within large and small healthcare organizations, county and state human services departments, and with private individuals as an advocate and mediator. Margaux is particularly interested in alternative care, wholistic medicine and medicines that have traditionally been marginalized in many western societies. Prior to coming to Vireo, Margaux held the position of Chief Compliance Officer and oversaw the Corporate Compliance and Privacy Programs of an organization focusing on physical medicine. In this role, Margaux concentrated on supporting efforts toward providing patients with alternatives to opioids in order manage pain. Involvement with the opioid crisis led her to Vireo Health combining her interests with providing less harmful natural medications and assisting organizations with navigating the complicated and ever-changing regulatory landscapes.
Margaux is passionate about compliance and recognizes compliance departments assist organizations to carry out its operations by maintaining compliance with the letter and spirit of the laws and contractual obligation while carrying out its mission and values with a high degree of honesty and integrity.

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