Cory Carter
/ Chief Horticultural Officer

Mr. Carter is the Chief Horticultural Officer at Vireo Health. His robust skill set enables him to provide for the efficient and repeatable production of the highest quality, cannabis based medicines. Mr. Carter oversees all of the horticultural operations for Vireo Health. He received his B.S. in Biology from the University of Minnesota and a M.A. degree in Horticulture. During this program he was involved with research and development of polyacrylamide hydrogels and their uses to lower water use in large scale production systems. His specialties lie in all forms of soil based and hydroponic production systems along with an emphasis in nutrient usage in agricultural crops as well as greenhouse crops. Mr. Carter currently selects and breeds all of the varieties which make up Vireo’s medicines. Mr. Carter is also involved with site layout, design and implementation of Vireo’s production systems, as well as education of all of Vireo Health’s cultivation staffs.