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How it is Made: Clean-Pressed Hash and Rosin

The Vireo Video series is a way for our expert team members to share their knowledge with our amazing patients! The videos cover any number of topics from strain reviews, to deep dives on specific terpenes to discussing of the medical benefits of cannabis!

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In today’s video,  Teresa Svoboda takes us through the process of how Vireo and our brand 1937 makes our clean-pressed hash and rosin!

Watch the video here or read the full transcript below!

Hi, I’m Teresa Svoboda with today’s Smart Sesh. A “How it’s Made” on clean pressed hash and rosin. Hash or hashish is one of the oldest documented cannabis products, weaved into history and recorded as a medicine.

Since the first century patients around the world have been using extracted resin produced by the cannabis plant. Vireo has incorporated this ancient, timeless, natural extraction technique of hash making, into modern medicine.

We start clean pressed hash and rosin with hand selected pesticide free flour, proudly grown at our cultivation facility. Our cultivators watchful eyes monitor the plant chemovars for differences in resin production. Resin, or tricombs look like a sparkly coding of tiny crystals on the plant and contain hundreds of healing, chemical compounds. When making hash or rosin, we look for plants with heavily dusted cola. The collection of the dense coating of crystal resin during our hash process, is known as dry sift.

After extracting the resonance tricombs we use hydraulic pressure to press this potent material into our final product, clean pressed hash. When we add a low heat to the press, the tricomb crystals melt, and we are then left with another natural extraction called rosin. The essence of the plant medicine is undisturbed during these methods, therefore leaving a clean, natural and safe extraction, free of solvents or chemicals with no lessening of potency.

The solvent-less method Vireo uses to create this medicine captures the true essence of the cannabis plant. Its smell and taste, make hash and rosin a delightful addition to flour and can be used in a bowl, pipe or cone for concentrated relief.

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