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Happy Father’s Day from Vireo Health CEO Dr. Kyle Kingsley and all the Vireo Dads!

This Father’s Day may look a little different from those of years past. For some, we’re trading in dinners out and celebrations for smaller gatherings and backyard barbecues. Others may have recently lost a father or family member and will be having a more solemn celebration. Together, we are all continuing to take steps to keep our loved ones safe. That might mean celebrating Father’s Day over Zoom or House Party or simply staying home and finding new ways to recognize the fathers and father figures in our lives!

As a father myself, I am incredibly proud of all the working fathers at our company who have dedicated so much time and energy to growing our company and caring for our patients, while also helping to raise families. On top of everything they do for Vireo and our patients, I am inspired by the love and support they show to their families.

This year for Father’s Day, as my own family grows a little bigger (my wife and I are expecting our fourth child in the coming days!) , I wanted to take the time to highlight a couple of the “Fathers of Vireo” who inspire us every day!

Patrick Peters joined Vireo last year as our Senior Vice President of Retail, Wholesale and Marketing.

Patrick is a father of three – Kellan, Kendall, and Olive. One of Patrick’s favorite parts of being a father is seeing his children grow up and develop their own unique identities and personalities. Being a working father certainly comes with its own set of challenges and Patrick sometimes feels like he is missing out by not being fully available to help with day-to-day activities and schoolwork.

Still, he keeps connected with his children through shared interests and by educating them about what he does for work! When Patrick first told his high school-aged son that he works for a medical cannabis company, he sat him down and told him about the history of cannabis. Patrick also told his son how Vireo uses cannabis as an alternative to other medications, such as opioids, to help tens of thousands of patients across the country find relief for illnesses like chronic pain and cancer.

Brian Chambers is an Application Support Lead at Vireo Health in Minnesota.

Brian joined Vireo last year after more than a decade in IT, including most recently at a healthcare group. Brian is the father of two young girls, Olivia and Lyla. His favorite part of being a father is watching his daughters grow and discover new things. One of the most important things for Brian as a father is finding the balance between work and life. Kids are very perceptive and can tell if you’re not in the right headspace. Even if it’s only for five minutes, Brian sees the value in taking time to reset between work and home.

From all of us at Vireo Health – Happy Father’s Day! We hope you have a healthy and happy Day with your families!

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