At least one of the state’s five medical marijuana companies is taking steps to make sure its medicines are kosher.

Vireo Health of New York announced Wednesday that its products have been certified as kosher by the Orthodox Union. The trademarked OU symbol will appear on the company’s vaporization cartridges, oils and capsules, which will be available for purchase beginning next month.

“Being certified kosher by the OU will not only help us serve the dietary needs of the largest Jewish community in the United States, but also combat unfortunate stigmas associated with medical cannabis,” said Vireo CEO Ari Hoffnung, who previously ran Fiorello Pharmaceuticals, a company that unsuccessfully applied for one of the five state medical marijuana licenses. “Today’s announcement sends an important message to New Yorkers of all faiths and backgrounds that using medical cannabis to alleviate pain and suffering does not in any way represent an embrace of ‘pot’ culture. Patients should never feel guilty or ashamed for using a product recommended by their physicians.”

Read the Times Union’s full article here.

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